SA 8000 Certification


Set guidelines for organizations to ensure ethical and fair treatment of workers, covering aspects such as labor conditions, human rights, and workplace safety.

What is SA 8000?

SA 8000 is the international standard or certification which allows and ensures that an organization abides by the workplace practices that are accepted socially worldwide. It is the responsibility of an organization to grow such workplace practices and also to encourage continuous improvement of such practices.

The standard, which is still considered to be the most accepted global standard on workplace practices, was developed by Social Accountability International in 1989. Right now, there are 61 member countries and more than 4000 SA 8000 certified companies around the world.

It works to improve the standard in accordance with the current world scenarios of workplace practices. For this, there have been a few revisions in the SA 8000. The latest version of it is the SA 8000: 2014.

What are the benefits of SA 8000?

SA 8000 provides the SA 8000 Requirements for workplace practices. It comes with a number of advantages.

  • Social accountability: It proves that an organization is committed towards treating its employees ethically and also towards social accountability.
  • Compliance: Complying with the standard means that an organization is accepting the global parameters of workplace practices.
  • Trust ability- It enhances the credibility and responsibility of an association making it much more dependable among the public.
  • Brand Value- There are steps that counter the effects of brand value. Also, they affect different commercial images of an association. The procedure is quite great for creating a character and the expansion of your business.
  • Risk reduction: Allows an organization to reduce the amount of risk from negligence and other possible errors.
  • Availability: Any organization, be it an SME or a large-scale organization, can opt for the certification procedure.

Requirements of SA 8000 Certification:

There are certain performance criteria that the standard focuses on. They include –

  • Child labor: The standard strictly says a big “NO” to child labor. It also consists of remediation procedures for children found laboring.
  • Compulsory and forced labor: It also has a strict ‘no support’ rule for compulsory and forced labor. It ensures that no one can withhold any document or property or any other object to force a person to work. It also does not support human trafficking.
  • Health and Safety: The standard ensures a healthy and safe workplace. It prevents occupational accidents and reduces the risks.
  • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: The SA 8000 Standard makes sure that the right to form and join trade unions and collective bargaining is followed properly.
  • Discrimination: The standard also ensures that no discrimination, based on race, national or social origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political opinions or age takes place in the workplace. Also, it disallows discrimination based on remuneration.
  • Disciplinary Practices: The standard has a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of physical and mental abuse.
  • Working Hours: The standard makes sure that the working hours of a workplace are compliant with the laws and industry standards.
  • Remuneration: The standard ensures that at least the minimum wage is provided to the personnel in a convenient manner.

SA 8000 Certification Process:

The procedure of certification for SA 8000 is a simple one.

  • Contact a certification consultant – At the very beginning of the procedure, a certification consultant should be contacted.
  • Self-assessment and filing application – There is a self-assessment done against the various requirements of the SA 8000 and the application form is submitted. Along with this, various documents are prepared.
  • Pre Audit – A pre audit or internal audit takes place within the organization.
  • Certification audit – After that a certification auditor should be chosen depending on the necessity of the organization.
  • Issue of certificate – If the audit is completed successfully, then the certificate is issued to the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Improve Your Organization with SA 8000 Standard?

There are steps that bring great quality and international glory to your company. Apart from the recognition of ISO, you possess premium assets to unlock endless profits and glory. Social Accountability is a great thing to accomplish in your organization.

With the help of SA 8000, it seems easier and possible. The following ways are the best to promote improvements at your workplace: 

  • Sustainable Livelihoods: 
  • Great Social Standard:  
  • Follow The International Human Rights: 
  • Check Higher Performance:
Q2. What is the validity of the certificate?

SA 8000 certificate is valid for 3 years. It also requires yearly surveillance audits and re-certification at the end of validity.

Q3. What is the cost of the SA 8000 certificate?

The SA 8000 Certification Cost depends on the size of the organization and the level of certification required.  

Q4. How to Sustain and Manage Human Rights at the Place of Work?

With the adaptation of Human Rights at your organization, you stand against the following things happening at common places: 

  • Child Labor: 
  • Health And Safety:  
  • No discrimination:  
  • Disciplinary Practices:
Achieving ISO Certification

SA 8000 specialists help organizations accomplish and keep up with social responsibility through certification. Our SA 8000 experts lead an underlying evaluation to comprehend how adjusted the organization’s current system is with the SA 8000 standard, liaise with a certification body for the underlying review.



SA 8000 is a globally perceived accreditation standard that urges organizations to create, keep up with, and apply social practices in the working environment. To accomplish SA 8000 certificate, an organization should fulfill a guideline for specialist security and prosperity liable to on-location surveillance monitoring.


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