ISO 22301 Certification


Certification that sets out a framework & requirements for organizations to establish, implement, maintain, & continually improve a robust business continuity management system.

In the UAE, the expansion of a business is a common thing. However, there must be something to support from the beginning of such activities. It is ISO 22301 Certification in UAE that brings a lot of advantages to any industry at any place.

What is ISO 22301 Certification?

No business company wants to be that part of a downfall. To raise the empire from one location to other geographical regions, it is important to adopt a few changes at different levels. Finding the best resource can be a tough call for any type or size of an organization.

However, the prime motive of ISO 22301 Certificate is to avoid different types of disruptions and to make things nurture for a long time. When it comes to Ascent EMIRATES, we have a huge reach in the UAE. 

Wherever your office may be, you can be a part of this revolution. Yes, it is some sort of industrial expansion by adopting the safest and durable paths. 

Ascent EMIRATES is the source in the UAE to gain control of Business Continuity Management Certification easily. This web page explains things better in the right fashion. 

ISO 22301 Certification in Brief:

When an industry is in its smooth phase, there is no certainty about the swift continual of every process or production. Also, the disaster won’t make any announcement before its strikes. So, one thing is assured, that you must remain prepared.

With ISO 22301, you can secure your business both inside and outside. Each standard of ISO 22301 protects your operations and other business-related procedures. 

ISO 22301 Certificate can help you to ease such burdens at a zero-stress level. So, the wisest thing to do is to adapt this ISO standard in UAE. Ascent offers all types of benefits from this ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Certification across Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Umm Al Quwain. 

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification in UAE:

With great advantages, your organization can summon many wonderful things in your favor. It is about a few benefits that can make things perfect in the progression of growth. However, Ascent EMIRATES plays a great role to accomplish such amazing things in your favor.

Here is the list of benefits coming straight from ISO 22301 standard:

  • Protect your company from disruption: Your company gets the chance to stand against different types of disruptions by following ISO 22301 Certification Requirements. 
  • Surge reliability: With great productivity, you can bring a change into your production. All such activities raise trust levels among consumers, employees, and stakeholders. 
  • Upgrade your performance: Adoption of ISO 22301 upgrades your production quality and pattern of productivity. This is the way to promote higher performance at lowering the risks. 
  • Tackle competitors: No market is alone without competitors. So, hiring the best procedures and following the right standards can tackle all your obstacles. This is the way to overcome your competitors. 
  • Enhance manpower: Good adaptation of ISO 22301 Standards can help you to bring a change in the methods of production. 
  • Precautions against different measures: Different methods are there promoting precautions in ISO 22301 standards. 
  • Higher user satisfaction: When productivity and other aspects of productions come to a legit way, it gains the attention of consumers too. So, you promote great advantages for your users silently. 
  • Higher brand value: Higher production and safety of your business improves the morale of stakeholders and investors. So, you gain the advantage of raising the business opportunities at various departments.
  • Easy to adopt new procedure: Presence of appropriate training according to ISO 22301 Standards produces a great sense of acceptance of new skills among your staff. 

Requirements of ISO 22301 Certification:

Several ISO 22301 Business Continuity needs are there. Ascent EMIRATES fulfills everything at the right level. The only way to complete all legal demands of ISO 22301 approval successfully is here. 

In the entire process, following procedures are the vitals: 

  • Hold appropriate risk assessment by finding out potential risks.
  • Avoid disruptions in the future with specified strategies.
  • Operation and planning of every bit of work at each phase.
  • Follow each standard based on certification.
  • Allow improvements to your business with upgrades.

Strength of Ascent EMIRATES

We are the only organization in the UAE to deliver a budget-friendly scheme. Yes, ISO 22301 Cost may not bother you at all. However, this is not the only significance of our activities. 

The following points explain how productive we are in this department:

  1. Ascent follows every bit of procedure to initiate Business Continuity Management Certification appropriately. 
  2. You won’t go through the hassle to obtain ISO 22301 accreditation in the UAE.
  3. Appointing the best and experienced professionals can ease your burden. Ascent helps you to prevent all such measures. 
  4. Ascent elaborates every bit of important factor associated with certification
  5. Ascent makes zero compromises with any type of activity related to your business and adoption of ISO 22301 standards. 
  6. Ascent offers on time solutions as it has 24*7 service in the UAE.
  7. Mentoring and preparing our clients is the vital task to do for us at various stages of ISO certifications.

“Enjoy Excellence through Ascent EMIRATES ISO Consulting Services!”

“We at Ascent EMIRATES are determined to guide your business toward ISO certification and other compliance. Our experienced consultants design strategies are here to improve your quality standards and increase customer trust and improve your reputation on the market.”

“Unlock your potential with ISO today by connecting with us through these given details below!” Contact Us: +971-4-4558490, Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can ISO 22301 standards stop mishaps?

Yes, fulfilling a few ISO 22301 Certificate needs can save you from such mishaps. The growth of a business is a long-term process. 

Q2. Why should you prepare for ISO 22301?

Any type of declining phase may ruin your years of plans and purposes in a few days or weeks. Therefore, it is important to keep things better and secure from the starting point.

Q3. Does a company need ISO 22301 Certification?

Yes, there are many possibilities for a company to face Armageddon at any stage of its growth. So, it is good to be prepared. 

Q4. What is the prime benefit of ISO 22301?

There will be no chance of disruptions. Challenges are many in an industry to regulate or continue several functionalities.

Achieving ISO Certification

ISO 22301 consultants assist organizations with business congruity management to get ISO 22301 confirmation. ISO 22301 is a global standard for business progression. Our ISO experts help organizations in: teaching workers on ISO principles and their significance., assist with evaluating consistence and distinguish regions for development.



ISO 22301 is a worldwide perceived standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). It’s utilized for lawful and administrative certification of continuity management. ISO 22301 accreditation guarantees that an association’s focal functional capabilities are kept up with even after a crisis no matter their size, area, or practices.


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